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Win 8 Consideration

One of the coolest and awesome tech preview versions to date.  Takes way shorter for OS and Application installation.  Just awesome.


Migrating From Office 97/2003 to 2010

Had a rude customer request that didn’t bother to check what is the issue but ask what’s the fix when users moved to office 2010 but aren’t able or have some screen changes and read-only information.

Don’t you wish customers just read the already available migration assistance Microsoft office already has instead or ask you earlier than call for a support quick fix?

Duplicate Files With PowerShell

Probably one of the coolest script by looking into the content comparison from

param ([string] $Path = (Get-Location))

function Get-MD5([System.IO.FileInfo] $file = $(throw ‘Usage: Get-MD5 [System.IO.FileInfo]‘))
# This Get-MD5 function sourced from:
$stream = $null;
$cryptoServiceProvider = [System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider];
$hashAlgorithm = new-object $cryptoServiceProvider
$stream = $file.OpenRead();
$hashByteArray = $hashAlgorithm.ComputeHash($stream);

## We have to be sure that we close the file stream if any exceptions are thrown.
if ($stream -ne $null) { $stream.Close(); }

return [string]$hashByteArray;

$fileGroups = Get-ChildItem $Path -Recurse `
| Where-Object { $_.Length -gt 0 } `
| Group-Object Length `
| Where-Object { $_.Count -gt 1 };

foreach ($fileGroup in $fileGroups)
foreach ($file in $fileGroup.Group)
Add-Member NoteProperty ContentHash (Get-MD5 $file) -InputObject $file;

$fileGroup.Group `
| Group-Object ContentHash `
| Where-Object { $_.Count -gt 1 };
function Find-Duplicates {   $Input | ForEach-Object {      if ($lookup.ContainsKey($_.Name.toLower()))       {          "$($_.FullName) is a duplicate in $($lookup.$($_.Name.toLower()))"       } else       {          $lookup.Add($_.Name.toLower(), $_.FullName)       }   }}$lookup = @{}dir | Find-Duplicatesdir $env:windir | Find-Duplicatesdir $env:windir\system32 | Find-Duplicates

Bottom line.  Need more PowerShell practice.

Enabling Global Scheduling/Calendaring/Planning

Publishing Internet Free/Busy Calendar would be an awesome way to be transparent on having greater communication and prioritization of schedules.

Scenario Building: Data Mining

Another example that can be assimilated into scenario building for demos.

Research: Using ADRMS Payload To Provide Call Home

Everytime you open RMS documents outside your corporate network, your RMS documents will call home to your internet RMS.  Now won’t it be cool if you had additional information on the source of IP request right down to pinpoint of the location geographically in the world?
Inspired from Batman’s technology architecture.  You can technically do it today.

Cloud Predictions for 2012 Collected from the Experts