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In The End – Smartphone Wars

No matter how much PR, delay strategy done, the specifications both technically and usability just shows that the better the hardware the better the experience.  Forget about wishing battery life is better in every iteration.  It just will not unless there is a fundamental breakthrough in margins and how manufacturers want to give better technology in battery versus their greed.

Yup, its not about if the battery technology is already there.  It is already there, just whether or not greed outweighs the implementation costs.

So after finally testing from iPhone, Androids, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, I still have to say iPhone still gets it right.  Even with the so-called Windows Phone 8, well, you got to need a really good hardware to get it to be really good, and guess what?  It will not happen.  In the history of the Windows Mobile->Phone, the user experience is something that is always mention but ask anyone in the world and the issues of slowness of the app, hang, from the Mobile days and now in the Windows Phone days, it’s the application problem.  Seriously?  if the application has bad user experience then why publish it in the first place?  After all isn’t the code review etc etc also have user experience in the test units or is it all a mere marketing fud?

For the longest time I really thought that ok WP guys maybe have something here but after 18 months of regressive testing and having push notifications hooks that hit the limit, I have to say that I am super not impressed.  The vision and ideals is good.  The implementation on the other hand is very very lacking.  WP8?  Looks good.  I wonder if a dual core chip can handle it.  Or it’ll look more like a quad core chip that will make the cut.  That’s my prediction.

iPhone 5 is coming soon, and honestly iPhone 4S is really good, plus Apple guys have loads of experience now in making a really good Smartphone.

Android?  Well its too fragmented and its too difficult to say that future upgrades is going to make sense to current models.  The good part is the flagship models like Nexus.  Now that’s something I as a consumer would just follow.  The next question is will Nexus or any next version of flagship will continue?

Windows Phone?  Well, WP7.5/7.8 is so-so.  WP8 is again from marketing fud, transformational at the least.  Historical.  Well.  One Word.  Unreliable.  Great platform.  Reliable as a platform perhaps.  But super unreliable in end user experience.  The only thing worth mentioning is Nokia and what they do with the platform.  The rest of the manufacturers, well its all politics and no one likes a favoured child if one can put it that way.r

So ultimately, I am going to have to say that iPhone still rocks.  At least you’ll know there will be future iPhones and yes if you want a feature that’s end user you going to have to want to upgrade the hardware.  Pretty fine with me as long you promise the hardware and software comes on time together end to end.

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